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About Odoo

01. What is Odoo ERP?

Global Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) Software Used Company-Wide for Managing the Business Processes. Odoo Provides Seamlessly Integrated Functional Business Apps & Thousands of Add-Ons Ready to be Installed to the Database Granting You Many Additional Features On The System Native Or Default Business & Market Functions.

02.Why Odoo ?

  1. - Fully Integrated Solution : All the Installed Modules are Integrated & Smoothly Linked to Each Other.
  2. - User Friendly Interface : Easy to Use & No More Complexities.
  3. - Open-Source Software : Easy to Customize & Ready to be Integrated with any 3rd Party through Ready-Made APIs.
  4. - Cloud Based Software : You Can Access it just with Active Database, Stable Network & You have a Username & Password.
  5. - Stable & Fits Any Business Or Company Size.
How to Add New Users ?

Users Are Easy to be Added through Odoo License with Affordable Price & Access on the System Can be Defined on One or Multiple Modules.

Are There Different Versions ?

Yes, You Can Choose Between Community & Enterprise Versions.
While Odoo on Yearly Basis & for the Enterprise Version ONLY, Improves the System Interface & Functions through New Version Announcement. Till now we have 16 Versions.


03.Odoo Apps

There Are Over 35 Native or Default Base Modules In Odoo Called Odoo Apps Which Covers a Wide Range of Business Functions & Industries. They Are Easy to be Selected, Pay for the License, Install to the Database, Configure & Start to be Used.

Website Apps

Sales Apps

Finance Apps

Inventory & Manufacturing Apps

Human Resources Apps

Marketing Apps

Services Apps

Productivity Apps

Customization Tool

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